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Winch Accessories Operating Space Requirements

Winches accessories produced by the winch accessories are mainly based on the reel winding wire rope layer is strictly prohibited beyond the following provisions, Winch Accessories the first is the vertical lift personnel or lifting personnel of the material, a layer for the lifting of the material, the second layer for the lift Material, winch accessories production of the second inclined shaft in the lifting of personnel or lifting personnel materials.

Mine winch manufacturers production license process is strictly prohibited overload operation! Do not stop power out! When the winch parts are manufactured, Winch Accessories the user may not arbitrarily change the electrical components involved in the intrinsically safe association! Winches accessories are produced by non-explosion-proof hoist is strictly prohibited for coal dust in the place, winch accessories are mainly used for inclined shaft to enhance the traction train used when the shaft inclination should not be greater than 25 degrees; winch accessories produced by the winch In use, the work brake and safety brake of the winch are also used as a brake. When the emergency brake is present, the brake handle of the left brake will be moved backwards for a short distance. The position is in the middle of the two brake handles. Mine winch dowry manufacturers produced by the winch using the starter BQZ-120N internal is equipped with integrated protection, used as overload, phase, short circuit, leakage lock protection, Winch Accessories the comprehensive protection of the scale range of 30-120A , Winch users according to their actual situation to adjust to play the role of winch safety brakes.

Winch accessories produced by the winch in the promotion of a winch when there are certain instructions, winch accessories produced by the winch three tons of winch, Winch Accessories to enhance the winch brake shoe, mine winch equipment, 2 meters mine winch, coal winch, drag winch, Winch accessories dispatch winch, jsdb series of two-speed multi-use winch, light winch, mine winch base map, winch lift, winch signal device.

 Winch accessories to remind you mine winch accessories newly installed winch motor distance from the wall must be 50 cm, that is, half a meter away from the winch accessories found that the winch motor from the wall too close, will affect the motor cooling, easy to cause The motor burned, Winch Accessories said serious, winch accessories to remind you will threaten the safety of coal miners, even if the temporary winch should be meticulously in accordance with the provisions of the installation, in order to protect the use of winch safety.

Winches accessories in the installation of small winch roadway, the chamber should meet the design requirements to meet the requirements of the winch installation and driver operating space, the quality of the project must also hit the fine goods, winch accessories to remind you that the vicinity of the driver does not interfere with the operation, As well as the equipment and facilities that affect the driver's attention and attention, the chamber used by the winch accessory can not be installed if it can not meet the requirements for dispatching the winch installation. Winch Accessories Winch accessories Winches accessories press the start button, winch motor does not turn the main reasons are: power failure, winch accessories found that if the power failure, Winch Accessories phase, motor or line ground, ground protection power or power supply voltage is too low Fault, winch accessories after a long time to find the stop button is not in place, the starter internal failure, if the operation cable disconnection, the motor will appear burning and so on. Winches accessories used by the brake shoe wear switch device, Winch Accessories by the stylus electrode, intermediate relay, rectifier bridge, control transformer, time relay, indicator light, buzzer composition.

Winch accessories to remind you mine parts should also be timely maintenance, winch accessories found in the mine winches accessories really maintenance, to avoid false security, Winch Accessories leakage insurance, etc. Now, most of this is also an important factor in the failure of mechanical parts.

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