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Waterproof Winch Improving Constantly

With the continuous progress of our technology, Waterproof Winch our living standards have also been greatly improved, including the emergence of new energy electric cars, Waterproof Winch but also improve our way of travel, and by the majority of users trust, because the new energy electric car to do To the energy saving and environmental protection, in addition to a prominent feature, Waterproof Winch that is a new energy electric car can be a good solution to the owners often encounter water leakage problems, new energy electric cars can waterproof

Electric car water is the most vulnerable to the motor and the controller, rain recommended that you do not use the best electric car. Wading to pay special attention to the depth of water, not more than one-third of the new energy electric car wheels in order to normal driving.

But the new energy electric car can solve this problem, Waterproof Winch because the new energy electric car motor, controller, battery and other important components have been waterproof, and there are good waterproof measures, they are safely placed in a sealed Of the device, Waterproof Winch so under normal circumstances encountered rain shower, it does not matter. But to remind you that rainy days do not put new energy electric cars in the open air environment, if the new energy electric car after a slight water only need to ventilate dry. But the new energy electric car is wet after the rain do not immediately charge, Waterproof Winch be sure to put the car in a ventilated place to dry and then charge, or likely to cause short circuit, resulting in spontaneous combustion.

Technical staff that we must be reasonable to place a new energy electric car, although it has been equipped with a safe waterproof measures, but we also have to properly maintain it, Waterproof Winch the only way to extend its service life.

The winch is an indispensable device for the installation team during retracement and is also the most important retracement of the installation equipment. Waterproof Winch Previously, the installation team in the retracement, the winches used by the protective devices are used to tie the wire between the two pillars to prevent the wire rope broken rope rupture, the method is neither scientific nor practical, Waterproof Winch safe for workers Lack of protection.

In the installation team cadres and workers under the practice and practice, they were on the winch protection device was modified: the winch around the rope on both sides of the fixed base on the use of four 2-inch tube processing four legs, in its legs above the use of 2 mm thick Steel plate processing a 1 meter long, Waterproof Winch 0.8 meters wide platform, in the four legs below the use of 2 mm steel plate welding support base, and in the base of 20 mm bolt hole, so that it can be fixed on the rope around the rope on the cylinder , Which play a convenient role in demolition.

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