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The Sort Of Winch

       The  sort  of  winch

                   Provided by SANHONG

      According to different power take off,we divide all winches into 6 kinds.

(1) Electric winch relies on the electricity offered by cars .Its the most common winch in our life.

 Advantages:It still work if the car shut down. It has tremendous advantage in rainy regions.Its easy to install it or move it.

 Disadvantages:According to the limitations of the vehicle power system and heating problem,it  can not work for long time.Most winch dont have strong power and can only pull the car in one direction.(If the winch is installed at the front,it only can pull the car go forward and vice versa.



(2)PTO winch takes off the power offered by auxiliary boxes.

 Advantages:It can one-time provide heavy power for long time without meeting heating problem.As it can offer pulling force in all direction(go forward,go back and even right and left),its the best choice for military vehicles and high-performance off-road vehicle.

 Disadvantages:It can not work under the situation that engine stop or auxiliary boxes lose the power.



(3)Hydraulic winch takes off the power offered by traction control system and electrical power steering.

 Advantages:It can be installed simply.As its external fixed parts are available,users can fitting it by themselves during adventure.As for pulling force it is between electric winch and PTO winch.Its rare that Hydraulic winch face heating problem.

 Disadvantage:Same as PTO winch,Hydraulic winch can not work without the working of engine and auxiliary boxes.

(4)Tire winch is a new kind of winch.It takes off the power offered by wheels.

 Advantages:The installation and removal of it is particularly plain.(same as change a tire) .Because it is light(lighter than any other winches),it wont add deadly weight to the front wheels.It can help car go forward and go back.As for price,its unbelievable low.

 Disadvantages:Because this kind of winch install on the wheel shaft,in such a low place,make it hard to use in some situation. It only work while engine is working.




(5)JCHE(hand threshing machine winch) takes off the power supported by person rolling the winch.As the limitation of the power supporting,it can not afford heavy things.




(6)Pneumatic winch,same design and operating principle as hydraulic winch.The only different is that it takes off the power offered by compressed gas rather than compressed liquid.







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