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Spot Sign Language Of Operating Winch Safely Power Winch SAMHOME Winch Electric Winch

         When doing cross-country,we need to cooperate with other in many cases.As the huge noise winch make ,people can not hear each other clearly in the distance.Its necessary to use sign language to communicate with others.Following are some useful sign language share with you.


1.Turning gesture:streth out your arme,thumbs up and tilt them to the direction you suggest.


2.Rolling the rope:

Streth out your index finger and circle it above the height of shoulders.This sign means tighten up the rope.

Streth out your index finger and circle it below the height of waist.This sign means paying off.


3.Stop:make a fist with one hand or two,or cross your arms.


4.Brake:fold you hands and put it in the front of your chest.This sign schematic driver using the foot brake.


5.Driving assistance:use this gesture to prompt tires proved more power.

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