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Overland Rescue Series


      (1) Nylon rope :(6 meter ,serve for 12 ton)

High-strength nylon: It is one-time-made by imported inkle loom and served from multiple processing,such as dyeing ,high-temperature-drying ,and so on .In addition ,being well processed,the surface of the production is wearable

The production is made by double ribbon ,different parts of the rope is sutured in different ways,in order to achieve the best applied

The rated working strength of the production is 12 ton ,to benefit the SUV users,especially when the car get into trouble.

At the both end of our production ,we add an anti-wear sheath to reduce the abrasion in the process of moving.

Please dont use the machine over its rated working strength.

     (2)Rated D-shackles:(served for 0.75 ton to 4.75 ton)

The diameter of the shackle: 2.3 cm

The strength of the shackle:4.75 ton

( four times higher than American safety standard, break standard: more than 19 ton )   

   Weight :1kg



(3)Snatch block:

The strength of the block :8 ton

Weight :2.5kg

    Weight :1kg



      (4)winch damper blanket:

Put the blanket on the rope when nylon rope ,iron rope or winch is  working ,not only warn others,but also protect car and people from being hurt by the break rope.

The blanket is made by water-repellent oxford cloth in standard warning color.The reflective articles and black edges on the blanket is used to warn other people and remind other cars to prevent traffic accident. 

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