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New Winch Safe And Reliable

Pneumatic winch system driven by the process, New Winch through the air of a compression and processing, and by means of the valve system control, New Winch do the output drive control. Pneumatic winch system drive process, the components in the actual operation of the process has a relatively simple maintenance, but also has a relatively long service life, through the air to be compressed, with a lower cost, the work process is not necessarily The risk of fire and the risk of explosion, in the process of compression of the air, New Winch the temperature and no more obvious changes, once the phenomenon of leakage, the safety of the machine does not have a relatively large impact, while the environment is not polluted Affect the role. However, the exhaust winch system drive process, the exhaust noise is difficult to control, and then around the people living and working environment have a greater impact, New Winch but also difficult to ensure that the piston speed has a certain degree of stability and uniformity.

Pneumatic winch system drive process, we must ensure that the use of the environment has a certain degree of rigor, the compressed air reasonable protection, New Winch and do a good job of relevant management measures to reduce the consumption of compressed air, and related costs reduced, The use of a leak detection system in the pneumatic winch system to ensure that a set of leak detector with a pair of headphones, the elimination of noise, the air quality of scientific and standardized management procedures to develop, New Winch do the project design work, Condition monitoring in the process of pneumatic winch system drive.

For the old winch electronic control device, is used by the relay contactor composed of lifting winch electronic control, this control system has a simple structure, New Winch low cost, anti-interference ability, etc., but the shortcomings of this control system is also very obvious , It uses a fixed hard-wired way to complete a variety of control logic to achieve a variety of system control functions, so the flexibility is poor; the other because the mechanical contact frequency is low, easy to damage, contactor easy to burn, New Winch High efficiency, difficult maintenance, system function is not complete, parameter calibration difficulties, high energy consumption, low efficiency, New Winch noise and other large defects, so the safety and reliability is poor.

The new PLC winch electronic control system as a substitute for the relay as a new control device, the system is equipped with integrated display instrument, adjustable gate, New Winch language alarm, current detection and other advanced control module, compared with the old electronic control system: logic circuit Programmable, protection circuit dualization, control device electronic modular. New Winch The system is reliable, easy to use; easy to operate simple, smooth speed; low failure rate, and maintenance of the system, the system is compact and easy to use. Convenient advantages.

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