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New Winch Its Performance

Contactor in the daily work such as the occurrence of large noise can be used compressed air or small brush, etc., to remove the dust on the magnet layout; contactor contacts due to arc and produce burning or burning hair phenomenon, does not affect its performance,New Winch Otherwise it will lead to premature damage to the contact; New Winch if the contact and the arc cover with loose metal particles should be cleared.

Combined with the inspection of other equipment, regular inspection should pay attention to the following points: a, whether due to other heating or direct sunlight, New Winch the machine temperature anomalies increased; b, conductive dust is falling into the machine; c, wiring , Whether the terminal is loose, with or without abnormal phenomena.

To check the correctness of the indicators and indicators, Whether the machine is broken or loose, damaged; regularly check the master controller, New Winch hand brake controller of the respective axis encoder (or potentiometer) the initial output, to prevent the vibration caused by changes in the location caused by the system failure.

At present the domestic market commonly used electric hoist winch can not be used in some dangerous occasions and harsh environments, New Winch the design of hydraulic winch do not like the motor drive to consider the explosion-proof problem, it is suitable for acetylene, New Winch water gas production and mine needs to enhance the device easy Burning explosion and other dangerous production sites. New Winch It has a strong security, reliability, but also has strong control and maintenance advantages. Therefore, New Winch in the heavy lifting and harsh environment than the use of motor-driven winch more advantages.

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