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New Winch Its Performance

Contactor in the daily work such as the occurrence of large noise can be used compressed air or small brush, etc., New Winch to remove the dust on the magnet layout; contactor contacts due to arc and produce burning or burning hair phenomenon, does not affect its performance , New Winch Otherwise it will lead to premature damage to the contact; if the contact and the arc cover with loose metal particles should be cleared.

Combined with the inspection of other equipment, regular inspection should pay attention to the following points: a, whether due to other heating or direct sunlight, the machine temperature anomalies increased; New Winch conductive dust is falling into the machine; c, wiring , Whether the terminal is loose, with or without abnormal phenomena.

Regularly check the dust inside and outside the console; check and correct the correctness of the instrument and indicator; check the buttons and switches are flexible, New Winch contact contact is good; correct depth indicator indicates correct; check photoelectric switch, axis code Whether the machine is broken or loose, damaged; regularly check the master controller, hand brake controller of the respective axis encoder (or potentiometer) the initial output, to prevent the vibration caused by changes in the location caused by the system failure.

As drilling rigs are gradually expanding toward deeper and more remote areas, the requirements for drilling vessels are also more diversified, New Winch and drilling vessels not only meet new regulatory requirements, but also face new and more difficult drilling challenges and achieve economic benefits maximize. Drilling vessels can cope with drilling work in different marine environments by improving technical requirements and can handle emergency emergencies. In addition, drilling vessels need to be able to ensure the same efficient production in remote and marginal fields. In order to meet these requirements, New Winch the new drilling rigs are very different from traditional drilling vessels. The new drilling rigs are versatile closed pressure control drilling technology, product storage and handling functions, New Winch and oil spill response functions for extreme wellhead conditions.

Vibration and attack the load is small, to improve the working conditions. Bow shape slender, making the front volume increases, to avoid the waves on the deck. The ship has four main propellers, New Winch the maximum speed of up to 11 knots. The bow has four retractable azimuth thruster to achieve dynamic positioning. Dangerous equipment arranged in the stern, as far as possible away from the staff activities area. The ship is designed to meet the requirements of adequate deck space and oil storage capacity, while double-pond and oversized deck loads ensure safe and efficient drilling operations. The ship can be in the depth of 3600 meters, New Winch drilling depth of 15 km area for double derrick drilling, the underwater control system pressure up to 20K PSI. Drilling equipment is located in the bow, mud tank and mud pump block is located in the living area behind; New Winch large storage tank built in the mud below the hull body; riser and its processing equipment is located in the riser storage area and before the pool, tight BOP (BOP) storage area and related processing equipment; New Winch before the pool size of 27 * 12 meters, for drilling operations.

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