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New Winch Flexible Fixation

As the original stepless rope winch anti-roll device using a rigid hard connection fixed magnetic induction head, New Winch the device fixed height and shuttle body fixed induction magnet gap is small, in the face of individual materials, vehicle loading low case, prone to hang, Hit the volume device, resulting in excessive deformation of the coil device or the base of the phenomenon of open welding damage, New Winch can not achieve the role of over-roll protection, an increase of the volume of the volume of maintenance equipment and cause security risks.

In view of the above situation, in order to improve the winch protection device as soon as possible, to maintain the stability of various protective devices, technical research group, New Winch according to the anti-roll device appearance shape, the volume device to flexible fixed, greatly reducing the maintenance, Winch overvoltage protection for safe use. The device is safe and reliable, New Winch good stability, encountered in the vehicle hanging, after the collision can be automatically reset the characteristics of a significant reduction in the maintenance rate.

After repeated testing, the device uses more than the original anti-roll device more stable and durable, small size, simple fixation, low cost, action response and other advantages. New Winch When the Promise rope shuttle through the device over the volume, it can be within 2 seconds will be able to cut off the stepless rope winch, the shuttle will be effective. Therefore, the safe operation of the endless rope winch played a good anti-over the protection of the role.

The main constituent materials of the MSLA-3 single component magnetic induction sensor are from the reed switch. The reed switch is a special switch with magnetic susceptibility. New Winch It is usually made of two or three geometrical and conductive materials made of reed contacts, is packed in an inert gas (such as nitrogen, helium, etc.) or vacuum glass tube, the glass tube inside the parallel package of the spring The ends of the tabs overlap and leave a gap or contact with each other to form a normally open or normally closed contact of the switch.

Promise rope winder anti-roll device before transformation, New Winch the protection device by the wet and other environmental impact, often damaged. Every time you use it, you need to check it once. After the transformation, so far, safe operation is normal, the protection of the controller device without any failure, reducing the cost of manual maintenance and materials costs.

1, the device is more secure and reliable, New Winch good stability. Improve the efficiency of the ramp transport, reduce the damage rate of the coil device, and improve the slope of the transport to enhance the safety performance of over-roll protection. 2, the device has a high resolution, fast response, wide measuring range, small size, low power consumption, the appearance of flexible and difficult to damage and so on, greatly reducing the maintenance rate.

As the oil rig is not equipped with rope device, but also has not yet pay attention to the role of row rope, resulting in drilling wire rope rope is not neat, New Winch wire rope squeeze each other, friction, greatly reducing the life of the rope, if the emergency braking emergency Reliable rosers, wrenches on the winch drums can not be neatly arranged, causing the rope to wear. At the same time the arrangement of the wire rope is not neat and can not correctly make the anti-roll device. In the drill high-speed brake, because the wire rope arrangement is not neat, New Winch it may cause other accidents. The existing winches rowers are installed at high altitudes and must be operated using a crane. The structure is also relatively thin, New Winch and even a row of wells must be replaced, and the installation is more difficult, especially if the rope sheaves in midair To maintenance is very convenient.

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