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Fast Power Supply Plug Use On Winch

                    Fast power supply plug use on winch

                   Provide by SAMHOME


Product details:

Name of goods:fast power supply plug

Standard material:silver gilt pure copper


Standard electricity;175A

Standard voltage:600V



Product introduction:


 1.a large current connect of 600V/175A

 2.plug and socket in same color is a pair


 1.incrustation,made by impact resistance plastic,work well in severe environment.

 2.Core insert,made by silver gilt copper,has wonderful electrical conductivity under heavy current.

 3.the design of self-purification keep the pin neat and tidy to ensure the well electrical conductivity under low-resistance contact.

 4.the special design of lock help the connector linker coupler fit strong vibration and offer quick-break serve,

 5.shrapnel,made by stainless steel ,guarantee core insert work well under frequent quick-make and quick-break.


Use features:

 1.The plug and socket in same color is a pieces.

 2.Itd simple to quick-make and quick-break.


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