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Electric Winch Using Procedures

Electric winch, a light and small lifting device with winding rope or chain lifting or hauling heavy objects, also known as hoist. The winch can be used alone, and can be used as a component in mechanical components such as hoisting, roadway and mine lifting. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large amount of rope winding, and convenient displacement. Mainly used in construction, water conservancy engineering, forestry, mining, wharf and other material lifting or flat tow.

Characteristics of the use

Hoist has the following characteristics: high versatility, compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy to major, use, transfer, has been widely used in construction, water conservancy, forestry, mining, port, etc material lift or drag, also as a modern electronic control automatic production line equipment. There are 0.5 tons ~350 tons, which are divided into two types: fast and slow. Which is higher than 20 tons of large tonnage winch, winch can be used alone, also can be used as lifting, components of machinery, road construction and mine, because of simple operation, large amount of rope and displacement easily and widely used. The main technical indexes of winch are rated load, support load, rope speed and volume of rope.

Winch main use: it is as lifting equipment, used for mine hoisting, sinking ascension and suspension (lift) drilling equipment facilities, namely along the wellbore ascending minerals and waste (waste) stone, lift personnel, lowering materials, tools and equipment, etc.; Secondly, it is used as a moving equipment for underground dispatching and transporting ore (mining vehicles), mining (slag) or filling and removing columns, etc.

Using procedures

1. Winch must be set according to the specification. Its specification is not less than 2.0m net width of 2.0m, and net depth is 2.0m. According to the actual conditions of the roadway, the roadway along the air delivery roadway is based on the principle of not affecting the safe operation.

2. The winch construction shall be driven by the pneumatic pick as far as possible, according to the different supporting patterns of the roadway, wood shed or steel canopy support shall be adopted. When the roof is in good condition, use the anchor net support, when the roof is broken

3. The foundation of the KW small winch shall be made of concrete, and its basic specifications are 1.0 by 1.0x 1.0 meters. The mixture ratio of cement, yellow sand and gravel (melon seeds) in concrete is 1:2:2. The water ash ratio is 0.4.

4. When the winch is used for supporting, it should be carried out by the outside, and the ceiling and shed should be connected together with a supporting rod or pole, and the waist and the support will be strictly backed up. The shed is not more than 0.7 meters. When the anchor net support is used, the pitch of the bolt is 800 x 800mm.

5. The winch motor shall be installed in the inside of the small winch nest, and the operating space shall not be less than 0.8 meters; The operation is on the shelves, the switch is arranged neatly and must not interfere with personnel operation.

6. Other relevant provisions in the working procedures.

Winch adjustment and maintenance

Winch adjustment

After the winch has been installed, it must be inspected and adjusted.

1. Open-type gear transmission, the tooth side clearance is 0.42mm, the contact area is not less than 40% of the tooth height, and the length of the dentures is not less than 50%.

2. Check whether the driving system of work brake is flexible and reliable, and adjust the clearance between brake and brake when the brake is not greater than 0.7-0.8mm.

3. Check whether the transmission system of the safety brake is flexible and reliable, and adjust the clearance between brake and brake when the brake is not greater than 1.5mm.

4, check the brake control of electric brake and safety at work and whether the main motor interlocks, namely work start the main motor brake brake, stop the main motor brake work, and only the safety brake loose gate to start the main motor.

Winch lubrication

1. The reducer adopts winter gear oil or saturated cylinder oil to lubricate, and its oil surface should ensure that the worm is immersed in the oil. The reducer USES oil for a year.

2. Bearings of spindle bearing and output shaft of the reducer should be replaced regularly or supplemented with calcium base 4 grease, and oil for two years.

3. Lubricate the open gear before each driving.

4. The rest of the lubrication shall be lubricated before each drive, especially the shaft of the thrust ring and movable gear between the two gears on the output shaft of the reducer shall be lubricated.

The winch test runs

After the winch is installed and checked and adjusted, lubricate the lubricating parts, carry out the no-load test, load the load after winding, and gradually load to the rated load. Under the standard voltage, the current does not exceed the rating, the motor, the reducer and other parts are not hot.

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