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Electric Winch Use The Choice Of Environment

With the rapid development of the economy and the rapid development of science and technology, the development of modern industry has gradually led the development trend of the times. The winch has also been widely used in all engineering fields. In this paper, Electric Winch the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic winch, electric winch and pneumatic winch system drive structure are analyzed respectively in the analysis of different functions of hydraulic winch, electric winch and pneumatic winch. Then, the driving structure design of hydraulic winch, Electric Winch electric winch and pneumatic winch system is summarized In the process to be combined with its actual use of the environment, and thus ensure that hydraulic winch, electric winch and pneumatic winch system drive has a certain degree of scientific and safe and reliable.

(1) Basic overview of hydraulic winch system drive

The so-called hydraulic winch system drive,Electric Winch mainly by the fluid through the pressure treatment, as far as possible in its cylinder to move the piston, the volume of flow is often provided by means of the pump, in the borrowing of the force will be in and move, And the pressure is gradually eliminated, and in the actual rotation drive process, by means of hydraulic motor to replace the linear force on the torque transmission.

(B) the characteristics of hydraulic winch system drive

Hydraulic winch system drive movement process, not only for the pump function has a certain regulatory role, and once its external force changes in the process, Electric Winch the hydraulic winch system drive will have a different speed, and then to maintain its position, But in the actual construction process, as far as possible so that the distance between the cylinder and the pump is relatively short.

However, Electric Winch in the process of driving the hydraulic winch, Electric Winch once the disc spring cylinder assembly design has an irrational two structure, Electric Winch disc spring compression process will be far beyond the limit deformation, and thus the life of the disc spring to reduce the cylinder base The location has a larger possession of space, and then the adjustment of the screw have a very negative impact.

(C) hydraulic winch system to drive the choice of the use of the environment

Hydraulic winch system driven in the process, Electric Winch the winch normally closed the process of the situation, it is necessary to accurately calculate and then ensure that the normally closed brake conditions have a certain degree of reliability and safety, to ensure that the roll does not appear slippery phenomenon The Winch in the actual work process to ensure that the fuel tank into the piston to promote, Electric Winch to extend the life of the disc spring, do a good job of hydraulic brake control operation, with the help of load sensing technology to improve its efficiency. 

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