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Electric Winch Has A Better Control

Electric winch system drive

(A) basic overview of electric winch system drive

The so-called electric winch system is mainly driven by the core components of electric vehicles, electric car performance is often good or bad and the performance of the drive system has a direct correlation. The electric winch system driven by the process, Electric Winch not only to the car's frequent start and stop to be met, Electric Winch but also to ensure that the electric car constant torque area and constant power zone operation of the relevant requirements.

(B) the characteristics of electric winch system drive

In the early electric winch system drive process is mainly used in the DC motor, making the DC coil in the stator has a certain fixed magnetic field, and then the rotor magnetic field and the stator magnetic field perpendicular to the reasonable control of the DC motor speed and power , Electric Winch Although the electric car system drive process, the DC motor for the speed and power has a better control, but in its motor to switch the current process, the current of the relevant carbon brush will be subject to varying degrees of tear And its wear.

The application of post-induction AC motor is mainly realized by the conversion of electromechanical energy in the induction current of the rotor by means of the stator core of the induction AC motor, the stator winding and the base, and then the system. However, Electric Winch in the process of dynamic control, it is difficult to realize the accurate and effective control of the electromagnetic torque of the induction AC motor, and the AC speed control technology also has certain complexity.

(C) electric winch system to drive the use of the environment choice

Electric winch system to drive the use of environmental choice, Electric Winch but also to combine the actual situation, between the lower efficiency and poor reliability of the DC motor to be eliminated, Electric Winch do a good job of AC induction motor drive effective control research, permanent magnet motor winch The system driver will be to improve the price of expensive and demagnetized to improve, Electric Winch and then improve the problem of large torque ripple to promote the modernization of electric winch system in the wide range of permanent magnet motor applications. 

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