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Car winch has a lot kinds, mainly electric winches, mechanical PTO winch, hydraulic PTO winch, hydraulic winch, electric winch is the most popular of which most people are familiar with.

Electric winch

Electric winch is obtained from the car battery power to drive motors, drive the noose. This winch is easy to use, because you can stand anywhere, through the knob on the remote control to operate the winch. This winch has an advantage, and that is if the engine will not start, as long as the battery has power, you can operate the winch.

Mechanical PTO winch

Mechanical PTO winch (Power Take Off) due to force directly in the engine, so super strong torque, toughness and durability are very good, but the disadvantage is that the car fell on its side, while the engine is running will not be able to use, but its volume and weight are large, applicable models are limited.

Hydraulic PTO winch

PTO winch hydraulic pump connections need to install special engines not only heavier and more costly to install.

Hydraulic winch

Hydraulic winch pull speed constant and unpleasant, also quite complex to install, and it uses the original vehicle power steering hydraulic system, would "dilute" their oil, not for any car, modified strong power steering pump relief, but it's not much heat in trouble.

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