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How to install a winch ?

How to install a winch ?



    As we all know,the first step of cross-country is installing a winch.As there exists a direct relationship between installation and the using effects of the winch,simple as it is ,we should also pay a high attention.The most important thing is notice the situation of rope ,before and during using ,it should be wound smoothly.Following are the mainly installation process.


First,insert remote-type coupling into the winch.the extra wire can be wound neatly on the side mirror to avoid the wire be overhung ,leaving you a joyful using experience

Second,using the remote control pull the rope a little  and then open the hook set at the side of the winch.

press the clutch.Attention,open the hook ,then press the clutch.

Hold the hook with one hand and then press the hook from the drum wheel.Make sure that no matter how long the rope is pull,it can touch the hook.

Fasten the rope to the anchor point then lock the clutch.Now winch is stood by.





2.Fasten the anchor point

    If we want to pull our car ahead,the first thing we need to do is find a safety anchor point,which can afford the whole weight of the car.In most situation, it will be a tree,and sometimes,it can be a rescue car.If we choose tree as our anchor point,what we need to do is pulling the car in its working direction directly without any angle.If we is rescued by another car ,we need to make sure that the wheel of the rescue car are fastened,that is ,the rescue car wont move.No matter what kinds of winch is,it cant tap its potential adequately without the anchor point.Namely,choose a suitable point is vital.

When using winch ,we need a rope to link winch,anchor point and D-lifting lug.If one rope isnt powerful enough.We just need to add snatch block to pull the car with two ropes.

When choosing tree as anchor point ,we need to choose the widest part of the rope ,in order to protect the tree.Be sure that the rope fastened on the lifting lug should be in same length.





3.Drag and pull

Check the drum wheel,rope should be wound tidily on it before using.

If the rope get off, we should avoid it switch.if the rope snap,the switch rope is quite dangerous,we can put a blanket on the switch to stop people and car from being hurt.

If you are driving car while control the winch,youd better ask your partner for help.With your partner standing outside the car and help you notice the surrounding,you will have a safer drive.

During using,if the rope wind together ,youd better untie it at once.Its quite dangerous if rope wind the drum lug,making itself cross each other or become unfairness.So we should keep your eyes on the rope.

.After being on the level ground,we should check the car and the rope at once. Then if the car can move by itself,the all process of drag and pull is finished.

After using ,we should roll the rope back to the winch carefully and smoothly.If the rope cross or wind itself,we should untie it and then continue rolling.

Finally,put the d-lifting lug back to its place,and use the final rope fasten it and remove the control.





Youd better keep your car and the rescue car in one line without any angle,if not ,not only will the angle cut down the pulling force,but also the rope will be easier to wind together.if you can not change the angle,using crown block for help.

When you are using winch pulling car or moving things,please focus your eyes on the voltage of the accumulator.If the voltage is lower than state number ,please stop using winch at once and raise it by increase the speed of engine. As the low voltage has a close link to the accumulator and relay ,under low voltage ,not only will the speed of rolling ropes slow down,but also the life of the buttery and relay will be shorter.

When winch is hard to drag and drop something ,you use block and tackle to increase the pulling power.

During drag and pull,please choose reasonable anchor point,such as,fix the car or use tools skillfully.

Make sure your clutch is reliable to avoid any accident happen during rescue.

Please wear gloves when you are operating winch and put blanket on the rope to cut down the destructiveness when the rope fracture.

If your time is not enough to keep the rope rolling smoothly,please roll the rope again if situation allow,avoiding rope wind together for long time.

If you need to ride a loose rope while pulling ,please press the loosen button with cautious and make sure ,with the cooperate of clutch,the rope is binding. As it do easily cause the rope wind and cross together.

When you go cross-country in team,please equip two winches to repartee crises.

Winch should be link with the solidest part of the car ,to avoid the separation of your car while pulling.

Its necessory to prepare another large volume accumulator,because winch is a electricity guzzler.  



    We hope our suggestions can help you have a memorable adventure.Have a good time!  


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